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Finding a Course

If you’re a registered user, there are two main ways to find your courses: - Click on the down arrow next to your name (Name ⌄) on the top right of any page, then click on “Courses”. OR - Click on [Learn](https://changeuplearning.com/courses/) (next to the light bulb icon) from the vertical menu on the left. Once on your[Learn](https://changeuplearning.com/courses/) page, you will be able to filter courses by a variety of criteria or also search for the title of the course you're looking f...

Starting a Course

To start a course, sign in to your account and click on Learn, (next to the ) located on the vertical menu on the left of the page. You’ll see all the courses available. Click on the course you want to start. ​ Now hit the Start Course button. Happy learning!

Downloading Videos

The intended purpose for these videos is for you to watch them within the platform. If you have a particular video you'd like to download or learn more about, contact us!


Our courses are currently optimized for desktop computers and laptops only. You can take a course from your phone or tablet, but the courses may look a little different than viewing them on your computer. We’re looking forward to improving mobile options for you in the future!


We highly recommend taking our courses on Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Our platform is not supported by Internet Explorer or other browsers.

Learning More

We’re so glad you asked! Expanding skills and knowledge is one of the integral phases of our Learning Cycle. In addition to Resources for Further Education that we include throughout the course lessons, the Resource Guide at the end of each course has a terrific set of links and content for you to dive deeper into. Each guide is downloadable so you can peruse it at your own leisure. If you have a burning question about a topic that you haven’t found the answer to, contact us through the yellow c...

Experiencing Issues

If you’re experiencing something that doesn’t seem right, find the yellow chat box on the bottom right hand corner of any page and submit your question there. Please describe the error in as much detail as possible. If you are able to copy and paste the URL link to the page where you experienced the error, our team can resolve the issue faster!


You will be able to find your certificates by clicking on the Certificates icon on the left side panel. Once there, you'll see all of your certificates you've earned and be able download any and all of them.

Course Completion

Click on the down arrow next to your name on the top right of any page, then click on [Courses](https://changeuplearning.com/courses/). Alternatively, you can also click on the [Learn](https://changeuplearning.com/courses/)button on the left side panel to see your courses as well. You’ll see the percent of completion under each of your courses. If you completed a course entirely, the percent shown under the progress bar will be 100% and the course will show a Completed sign. If you’re still in ...